Joseph Bonneau
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Joseph Bonneau

Joseph Bonneau
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Joseph Bonneau – Supervision




  • Assignments are due 10 AM the morning of supervision.
  • I may make minor changes to assignments after posting them. Material changes will be announced via email.
  • State clearly any assumptions you make when answering a question.
  • Clearly cite any resource you use to aid in completing an assignment, including textbooks, lecture notes, websites, or other students.
  • Submission via email is strongly preferred, using either UTF-8 text files or PDF. I strongly encourage you to create PDF using LaTeX. If you must use another word processing environment, please convert to PDF. Microsoft Word submissions, in particular, aren't acceptable because they often display differently in different readers or different versions of Word.
  • Paper submission must be to my department pigenhole, either in person or via UMS.
  • Write your name and the assignment number prominently.
  • Textual questions should be answered in complete sentences.
  • Mathematical questions should include all work and have answers clearly boxed or highlighted.